About us


About us

The Company GRAND DUKE counts off its history back to 2010 year and during its activity has managed to take strong positions among the major companies in the oil and gas sector.

The Company GRAND DUKE specializes in integrated professional solutions in the supply of a wide range of high technology equipment for drilling facilities, wells construction, gas supply, oil fields that meet the highest economic, energy and environmental standards, as well as the Company fulfils the implementation of new and innovative design and engineering developments.

In 2015 the Company GRAND DUKE had decided to establish a Limited Liability Company GRAND DUKE RUS, which targets to render services in the supply and maintenance of oil gas equipment, as well as fulfils works on geophysical well surveys. This decision makes the group of companies a one of major independent participant on the oilfield service market.

Today GRAND DUKE RUS has wide technological capabilities and implements the projects that are aimed at achieving the set goals and ensuring the leading positions on the market in the following areas:

— manufacture and supply of the full range of oil gas equipment;

— service programs for the maintenance of the oilfield and industrial equipment;

— development of the integrated and technical projects and innovative consulting for the needs of oil and gas, chemical and electric-power industry;

— complex high-tech engineering services;

— development and construction of the objects in oil and gas sector;

— service development on optimization of wells production and operations;

— program of the service geography expanding of the equipment for the oil production;

— performance of the chief - installation and precommissioning work even on the most complex objects in the shortest possible time.

One of the GRAND DUKE RUS activities is the implementation of complex solutions in the field of exploration work. The company executes as two-dimensional - 2D and three-dimensional 3D seismic surveys (MOB CRP) on the oil and gas areas under the operational quality control of the obtained data, its processing and interpretation.

We offer our customers high-quality equipment, which is supplied according to the international certification API, the quality management system ISO, the certification of Russian Federation GOST, sanitary-epidemiological (hygienic) conclusion, depending on the requirements of the customers.

GRAND DUKE RUS cooperates with the major innovative enterprises of such countries as China, USA, Russia, countries of EU, with which the company has a long dealer relationships for the development of technical tasks and projects. In its activities the company stakes on the building of long-term mutually beneficial relationships with customers, providing them a wide range of equipment, efficient integrated solutions and the latest technology in the oil and gas industry, ensures the control on the quality of products.

GRAND DUKE RUS values its name and reputation as a reliable partner, constantly develops, trying to meet the strongest requirements of its customers. We are always open for a strategic business partnership and establishing of a long term and mutually beneficial relationships!

GRAND DUKE RUS is committed to manufacture, distribute and project high quality specific industrial needs and solutions through vast experience in the geodetic, oil & gas industry, worldwide.