2D / 3D Land Seismic Surveys of Oil — Gas Perspective Areas

One of GRAND DUKE RUS activities is the implementation of the integrated solutions in the area of geological exploration. The Company executes the two-dimensional-2D, and three-dimensional-3D seismic surveys (MOB OGT) on the oil — gas perspective areas at the operative monitoring of quality of the received data, its processing and interpretation.

Circle of geological matters solved by the Company is very wide:

— The structure selection and refinement of the structural and tectonic elements;
— Preparation for the deep exploration of drilling (detailed and disaggregated survey);
— MOGT 2D and 3D;
— The prognosis for the productivity on the geological section prepared for deep drilling objects, geotechnical investigations on the platforms intended for the construction of drilling platforms;
— Full and in-depth processing and complex geological and geophysical interpretation of the received seismic data.

Seismic surveys are carried out with use of modern methods of conducting the fieldwork and processing of the received materials, which allows conducting the geophysical researches with high quality and efficiency. At the company’s disposal are the multichannel telemetry stations of specific parameters, which meet the technical requirements and allow us to solve the matters of different levels of complexity with a positive result for the customer. These complexes possess high resolution capability and heightened spatial and temporal density measurements, which allows obtaining high-quality data and operating effectively in all conditions of the seismic observations. In order to register the seismic — intelligence data we use geophones GS-20DX and SF 20DX.

The company provides a full range of topographic and geodetic surveys. Modern GPS-technology allows performing the topographic mapping at a high level and in the shortest terms. Most of the seismic investigations are undertaken by the company "GRAND DUKE RUS" , carried out by using a vibratory seismic sources, but in case of necessity may be involved drilling and blasting operations and other technologies. For excitation of seismic oscillations by the vibrating method is used the excitation vibroseis of elastic oscillations. All vibrators are equipped with a control system VIB PRO with GPS, to obtain seismic images of the highest quality.

The latest technology production Pelton is used for the synchronization control of excitation sources. All seismic crews are equipped with complex GPS-technology equipment for micro seismic logging and research areas of small velocities. Selection of the excitation method, modern high-tech machining facilities in conjunction with the use of software allows achieving the maximum efficiency of seismic survey, to obtain the reliable data and successfully complete a project of any complexity. Constant quality assurance is carried out at all stages of field works that allows ensuring high technological effectiveness of works.
GRAND DUKE RUS is committed to manufacture, distribute and project high quality specific industrial needs and solutions through vast experience in the geodetic, oil & gas industry, worldwide.